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Reiki Aura Clearing(s)


May 16/15

Reiki Aura Clearing(s)

When I took my Reiki Level 3 (Master Practitioner) in Nov 2013 and we learned how to do Aura Clearings, honestly, I thought it was a bit hokey and kinda cheesy and I felt really foolish doing it. Looking back on it now, though, I was going through some personal issues and wasn’t really receptive to something that was going, by its very nature, to make me stand out or something that was going to put me out there. Fast forward to May 2014, to my Master Teacher class, and my views and feelings on Aura Clearings had changed. Now I felt good about it and it felt natural and, somewhat, easy; they’re not really that “easy” to do, they are actually pretty tiring, but we’ll get to that.

Between Nov 2013 and May 2014, I had a few things happen, I was able to get help with my personal issues so I was feeling better about myself as a whole person and not so afraid to put myself out there and I had done a couple of Aura Clearings on paying clients; I say paying clients here because it does make a difference if you’re performing this on a friend or family member vs a paying client because paying clients are saying to you “I trust you. I trust that you are doing this for my benefit and my own good. I trust that at the end of this, I will feel better” whereas your friend or family has already given you their trust because they know you and have grown up with you. These sessions with my clients were, to say the least, exciting and exhausting and freeing for both the client and myself.

If you are reading this and you’re not sure what an Aura Clearing is, I’ll tell you, it’s exactly what it sounds like, a clearing of your aura; removing unwanted, unneeded energy that is no longer serving you from your aura, at all levels of your aura. It is a technique that is learned at the Master Practitioner level. Some practitioners use it and others don’t. It’s simply a tool that some Practitioners find useful and others don’t, there is nothing wrong with this, everyone practices what they feel is appropriate and right for them and for their clients. Anyway, back to my original line of thought….

Aura Clearings are really intense and, depending on the client, can be quick, 15 or 20 minutes, or can take a long time, up to 45 to 50 minutes; I’ve had both. You have to be able to remove all of your inhibitions and fears because:

A. you want to make your client feel comfortable and safe and

B. you have some work to do with your client and you have to be at the top of your game and

C. you make some weird ass noises and you have to be ok with that

The first scan or sweep with your Master fingers into your client’s aura is interesting, it’s tentative and calm and maybe a bit ginger, like, if you go too deep, you might hurt your client but that is definitely, 100%, NOT the case. My sessions usually start out with soft, gentle, easy pulls and then, as the issue gets clearer, because now you’re starting to remove all of that unwanted and unneeded energy, the need, no, the drive, to get it out of your client’s aura gets really intense and strong and pretty soon, you’re going like a Warrior Woman (or Man), pulling and drawing out that old, stagnant energy, attacking it with all due haste because you have to. Your client may make noises or start crying or become angry or start moving around on your table while you’re in there but that’s all normal, it is your client’s experience and their way, their body’s way, of helping you get rid of that energy. The Reiki energy and the client’s energy will tell you if you need to keep going or if you’re done or if you’re done for that day; some clients require more than one clearing to get the energy out but doing it all at once can be really overwhelming, so you may have to do it over several sessions. During the Aura Clearing you’ll also be checking in with your client because you need to know how they’re feeling, if the issue has changed in shape or colour or feel etc. There will be times during the Aura Clearing that you feel a shift in the energy and it won’t require the intense Warrior Woman (or Man) but will need a soft feather touch; whatever you do, it’s ok and it’s what your client needs.

After the session, your client will likely feel tired and may actually feel worse than they did before the Aura Clearing began, remember, that this is ok too. Your client has just been through a very intense and emotional session and this is just how they have responded to removing the energy that no longer serves them, the energy that was holding them back. After the session, you will also feel tired, physically and mentally tired. I always feel like I’ve gone to the gym and done an arms and core workout but, I always feel good too, because I know my client feels better. Don’t forget to remind your client to drink lots of water and that whatever they feel in the days following their session is normal. I always tell my clients to listen to their bodies, if they are tired, rest, if they are full of energy, use it up!

Aura Clearing is just one tool that we, as Reiki Practitioners/Teachers, can use to help our clients on their way to a happier and healthier life.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

In love, light, and peace,

Marni, Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner

RP-CRA 14-222

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