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Reactions to Reiki

Aug 31, 2014


People experience Reiki in many ways. When I give Reiki, for example, physically, my hands get very hot, like little ovens, and I get hot flashes, sometimes mild, sometimes not. I can come out of a session dripping with sweat because of the intensity of the heat I feel. And, spiritually and mentally, I always feel at peace. This feeling of peace can vary widely too, sometimes I feel the peace in a mellow, relaxed kind of way and sometimes I feel it in an “I can rock the world” kind of way. Physically, most people feel the energy as heat or warmth; however, sometimes, the energy can be felt as cool or cold. People have even reported feeling tingling or waves of energy or heat passing through and over their bodies, some people feel the energy as spirals, continuously spinning, some feel light headed and dizzy, some feel nothing at all. This can all happen during the session and it’s important to note that this call all happen after the session as well.

I always tell my clients to be aware of how they feel after their session and to listen to their bodies because the effects of the Reiki energy may not initially be apparent. Reiki first and foremost does no harm, it allows you (and your practitioner) to tap into what’s already going on in your body, mind and spirit and it makes you aware of it and asks that you pay attention to it. I’ve had a few clients tell me after their first and/or second session is when they really noticed the Reiki energy at work. Some clients said they felt tired, enough to have had to stay home from work/in bed, sad and emotional, bringing up buried feelings that have been forgotten or weren’t readily apparent, while others have said they felt refreshed, lighter and happier, and so full of energy, they could run a marathon. Your reaction to Reiki may take you on a journey through all of these emotions and intense feelings or it may not. Reiki can help you release emotional, spiritual, mental and physical blocks in your body. It’s important to know and to understand that Reiki feels different for everyone and however you feel it (or don’t feel it), is exactly right for you at that time. It’s also important to know that your Reiki experience can feel different every time; you may feel tingly, spinning sensations with heat the first time and deep, intense emotions with coolness the second time and you may feel nothing but an overall pleasant dreaminess the third time. All of these reactions are normal and part of your healing process with/through Reiki.

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