​"I had the most amazing treatment this afternoon. Fiona (Gathered Roots Community Acupuncture) and Marni (Radiant Journey) asked me if I would be willing to try something new, a combined Acupuncture / Reiki treatment and all I can say is WOW. Thank you ladies for a) asking me to be your test person and b) for taking away so many aches and pains. It's hard to explain what the combo treatment felt like but it's easy to say how relaxed and "in the zone" I'm feeling at the moment. If you are in pain or need to pamper yourself call Fiona or Marni, you won't be disappointed."

-Fran, Mar 2015


"I was recommended to Marni by a friend of mine who had a great experience with her. I was struggling with some things in my life that I needed some clarity with. Marni really took the time to listen to my thoughts and explain things which I appreciated. She offered some great insight, suggestions, and tips. I felt as though I learned things about myself that resonated true and was surprised hear a couple of accurate things about me that I didn't mention. I would definitely recommend a reading with Marni and I look forward to trying out Reiki."

-Kristine, Feb 7/15


"When I first met Marni at a Reiki practitioners evening I was fascinated by the technique she used and instantly knew that I needed her to channel reiki through me.  Upon our first encounter, we immediately connected.  I felt a sense of calm, comforting energy, but yet strength and confidence in her aura. Marni opened my eyes to connecting spirituality while practicing Reiki and how abundant this energy is in my life.  She has taught me to embrace what is necessary and how to utilize my strengths to further develop my Reiki skills.

Marni’s treatments have been fantastic. I was facing many challenges in my life when Marni started treating me with Reiki and I realized just how much stress and worry had taken over my life. So powerful are the treatments I can feel the stuff of life giving way to a more positive, more intuitive, more spiritual way of life it is remarkable to me.

I could not, and would not live without Reiki as part of my lifestyle and I am pleased to say that I have completed my 3rd level Reiki. It has changed my life in many, many ways, all of which are positive.  First and foremost, Reiki has helped me in accepting myself and to become a much more relaxed, comfortable and confident person.

I definitely encourage everybody to experience a reiki session with Marni."

-Janine van K, Aug 27/14


"I had a Reiki session with Marni this afternoon and from the moment she started I felt as if my whole body was encased in an all encompassing cocoon of healing energy. Thank you Marni for all you did for me today."

- Fran B, May 25/14


"I am not new to the Reiki practice but it has been many years since I have thought about having any treatments. I met Marni through our daytime jobs and she told me that she was involved in Reiki and at the time I did not do anything other than take it to mind. A couple of months ago, I finally decided that it was time for me to take the bull by the horns so to speak, as I was experiencing some personal health & emotional issues that I knew from experience could be tackled with some help on a spiritual / holistic level. I started with a mini Reiki session and a tarot reading, just to get things going. Amazing... I cannot say enough about the honesty with which Marni advised and clarified what was going on with me - which by the way, was bang on. The Reiki session was great and left me feeling that I not only needed more but wanted more. We booked four more sessions immediately following that one and I can say without a doubt the sessions have been the best experience I could ask for. My sessions were held over a period of approximately six weeks, with the most recent one being 14.June.2014. During this time not only has she given me Reiki, she has worked hard on two occasions to clear my chakras and would not take 'no' for an answer when the body did not want to co-operate. I cannot say enough good things about the patience and dedication that Marni displays during her sessions. She is a jewel to be admired and used. You will never regret or feel as though your time has been wasted. She will not allow that to happen. She is true to her gift and I talk about her constantly, encouraging others to give her a try. Once you do you will wonder how you managed without her. The body and mind are powerful things and we need to keep them tuned. Through her practice, Marni is doing what she can to help that happen for others. Much love and peace."

- Lorri Thomas, Jun 16/14


"I recently had my first reading with Radiant Journey, Marni was my host and I was very impressed. My reading was very personal and I would like to thank Marni for her attention to detail and personable qualities that made my reading a wonderful experience. This was my first reading I have done that was long distance (I currently live on Vancouver Island) and I would recommend Radiant Journey to all my friends. I was very pleased with the quality of the presentation from my host. I am excited to have this done again hopefully in the summer when i come to the city to visit in person :)

I appreciate your honesty and professionalism in explaining what each card meant as the reading progressed thru personalized recordings. The recordings were available for me to review and make notes on the meanings of the cards and what they meant. I am just learning about the cards and have learned a lot thru Marni and her session with me the other week.

I can't rave enough! It was amazing, truthful and honest. I appreciate the time and care Marni and Radiant Journey took to prepare me for listening and explaining each step of her reading. I can't thank you enough for your kindness and honesty Marni. It was a wonderful experience to have had. I will be returning for more sessions in the near future :) Thank you for the great memories!"

- Diane S, May 26/12


"Marni did a three card tarot reading for me, and she was so helpful. She asked me to think of a question (or a few) and ask the questions internally whilst shuffling the cards. She had no prior knowledge as to what I was struggling with. When she read the cards, she was basically answering all the questions I had without really knowing it. She also offered some other insight having to do with my issue, which she only became aware of after the reading. I feel much better about things, much more clear, now. I asked her to do a 10 card reading for me next, and I am excited!"

- Guest Reading Sept 2011

Marni Banks - Phone: +1 778-791-0672 - Email: radiantjourney2010@yahoo.ca