​My spiritual & intuitive journey began with a Tea Leaf reading and a Tarot Card reading at a local "Psychic Fair". It continued with getting a set of Russian Gypsy Cards in my early teens and then my first Tarot Deck when I was about 17. Since then I have been reading Tarot, mainly, for close friends and family. It wasn't until after my own, insightful, reading in 2010 that I decided that I should pursue reading for others on a more steady basis. I love reading Tarot and want to share this energy and passion with you.​

I received certification for Reiki Level 1 & 2 in Jan 2011. I received my Reiki Master Pracititioner (Level 3) certification in Nov 2013 and received my Reiki Master Teacher certification in May 2014 in the Usui lineage.


Reiki has taught me to trust my instincts and intuition. It helps me connect on a spiritual and energetic level with my clients allowing for a greater healing experience. Reiki has helped bring balance to my life, and to the clients that I have had the honour of treating.


As a Reiki Master Teacher, I can introduce you to the teachings of Dr. Usui and pass along this sacred, holistic healing knowledge to you, to help you start your own journey with Reiki.


One of my goals, as Reiki practitioner/teacher and intuitive reader, is to provide you with insightful, honest, and heartfelt guidance and the best Spiritual and Energy healing possible. I am always striving to learn more about intuitive work and to develop my intuitive gifts to their fullest potential.

I'm a certified Animal Reiki Practitioner and in the use of crystals with Reiki.


I've recently finished Psychic Development level 1 with Blended Spirit Academy. This course has helped me connect on a deeper level with my psychic abilities and hone in on what I want to enhance and develop.

I am currently taking Chakra Training, to expand my understanding and knowledge of the chakras, and Mediumship & Channeling, to further develop my ability to see and assist in healing illness and injury in the body and aura, and to better channel messages from Spirit and Loved Ones. 

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