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Upcoming Events

Join us for a day where we come together to embrace our souls and realign with our inner selves through Spirit Communication. This day will start off with a soothing and revitalizing group healing season with Reiki Master Marni Banks. Marni will take you on a journey of Body Empowerment and show you how to connect your body and your mind effortlessly. Spiritual Medium Alan Holmes will then take the platform and provide evidential mediumship - connecting you to your loved ones on the other side and sharing their love for you with Alan as Spirits conduit. And finally, Empowerment Medium Tara Diana will bring you ALL the messages you need to hear from the other side. Whether it is spiritual teachers, loved ones or the Angelic Realm, Tara will be sure to tell you what you need to know to continue to move forward on your own personal journey in love and light!

Are you ready to build up your soul?

Are you ready to explore what you've always known was just beneath the surface?

Are you ready to be EMPOWERED?!

We have 14 different practitioners who will be providing insight into theses topics!

Join us for an event that will help you find the answers to these questions!!

The event runs from April 19 to June 26! I will be hosting a talk on May 5, 10AM.

Check out Spirit Essence by Tara Diana's website for more information!

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