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Reiki FAQ

What is Reiki?

Reiki’s literal translation means “Universal Life Force Energy”. It is a natural, holistic, light touch, energy healing technique. It was founded and developed in Japan in 1922 by Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki assists the body back into a natural rhythm by helping realign and replenish the energy that has been displaced, depleted or blocked by stress (mental, spiritual, and physical), illness or injury. The Reiki Practitioner places his/her hands either lightly on the body or hovering just above the body in a series of hand positions, which helps direct the distribution of Reiki energy.


Reiki is a beautiful and gentle healing modality if you’re looking for something that is non-intrusive. It is relaxing and peaceful and allows you to attain a that Zen space so often needed for deep healing.


How does Reiki feel?

It depends on the person receiving the treatment. You may feel a variety of things, which include, but are not limited to, feeling very warm all over, tingling at the treatment site(s), sleepy and relaxed, cold or cool, and/or you could feel very energized. These are all very normal sensations to feel during or after a Reiki treatment and can last up to several hours after your treatment.


Does Reiki hurt?

No. Reiki does no harm. Reiki will help you tackle any issues you may be having at the time of your treatment, conscious or unconscious. You may experience intense emotions after your treatment, which is a normal response for some individuals. The treatment is bringing these emotions to the forefront to help you navigate your way through them and to address them. These feelings may last a couple of hours or a few days.


How often should I get a treatment?

Treatment can be done as often as you need. A treatment plan or schedule can/should be discussed with your Reiki Practitioner to address your specific needs.


How much does a treatment cost?

Treatment rates can vary depending on where you live. It is recommended by the International Center for Reiki Training that Practitioners charge the same rate as Massage Therapy rates in the area.


What happens during a Reiki appointment?

You should have a consult with your Reiki Practitioner regarding the reason(s) for your visit prior to starting the treatment. Once the consult is done, you will be asked to either sit quietly in a chair or lay on a Reiki table and the treatment will start. Your Reiki Practitioner will place his/her hands lightly on your body or just above your body in specific hand positions, he/she will start at your head and move down your body; in some instances, your Reiki Practitioner may start at your feet if you experience intense emotional or psychological issues such as anxiety or depression, they do this so that your body will have time to integrate the energy before it reaches your heart and head.


What is Reiki self-treatment?

Reiki self-treatment is exactly what the name suggests; the Reiki Practitioner does a treatment on him/herself to treat any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues the practitioner may be having. It is similar to doing self-massage.


Please Note:

If you have any questions, before, during, or after your treatment, don’t hesitate to speak with or contact your Reiki Practitioner for help.

*Reiki is not a substitute for current medical treatment by a licensed Medical Doctor, Nurse (LPN or Nurse Practitioner), Psychologist/Psychiatrist, or any other medical professional nor is it a cure for any medical condition(s) an individual may have.

*Reiki is an excellent complimentary treatment for any medical treatments an individual may be undergoing. 

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