Reiki Aura Clearing(s)

May 16/15 Reiki Aura Clearing(s) When I took my Reiki Level 3 (Master Practitioner) in Nov 2013 and we learned how to do Aura Clearings, honestly, I thought it was a bit hokey and kinda cheesy and I felt really foolish doing it. Looking back on it now, though, I was going through some personal issues and wasn’t really receptive to something that was going, by its very nature, to make me stand out or something that was going to put me out there. Fast forward to May 2014, to my Master Teacher class, and my views and feelings on Aura Clearings had changed. Now I felt good about it and it felt natural and, somewhat, easy; they’re not really that “easy” to do, they are actually pretty tiring, but

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