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Jun 3, 2014

So today on my way home from work, on the skytrain, I notice this girl. She’s got earbuds in and she’s singing away, well lip-syncing to be more accurate. I don’t know what she was singing to because I was listening to my own music but she was sure happy. She was bopping her head, smiling, raising her eyebrows and she didn’t care that people saw or were watching her; she was in the moment with her music. At one point, I looked from her to a man standing beside this girl, he was watching her and I could tell he was smiling just by his body language. He turned around and looked at me and smiled. It occurred to me, as I was also head bobbing to my own music and singing away (lip-syncing), that music is the language everyone understands. Music is universal. Music is there for you when you’re happy and sad and scared and angry and crazy in love and unsure of what to do. Music can share our deepest fears and we won’t have to say a word. Music can tell someone you love them with a lyric and a melody. Music is uplifting. Music can be damn fucking scary. Music can be beautiful. Just think about these three notes “Ba-dum. Ba-dum. Ba-dum”. I don’t even have to say the who or what and you know what I’m talking about. There was a video on the internet a few months back, maybe even last year, that shows this cellist who starts to play by himself in a courtyard (I think it was in Spain) and then slowly but surely, a whole orchestra joins him and the crowd gets bigger and bigger and people are watching in awe as this amazing thing unfolds before them, around them, THROUGH them. Music speaks to the soul. Music, in ALL its forms, is...brilliant.


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