Tarot Readings

Each intuitive reading is infused with Reiki, for your best and highest good, and is unique to you; answering your innermost questions, calming worries and aiding in making those difficult decisions.

 I am available to do readings via email/online, please note the readings should be done in a quiet space with as few distractions or interruptions as possible. You are more than welcome to record your sessions.


Email/Online Tarot Readings:

 Get up to 4 emails answering questions about your reading - $85


For Email/Online Readings, the session includes 10-15 minute consult via phone, email, skype or google chat so that I can connect with your energy.


For an email reading, I ask that you also send a picture so that I may connect visually with you during the reading. I will complete the reading and then email it to you; pictures of the cards drawn will also be included. Once you’ve read through your reading, you can email any questions you may have.


For an online reading, we will connect via skype or google chat. You can ask any questions or discuss any cards that come up during the session. If you would like pictures of the cards drawn, please advise me at the start of the session and I will send them to the email address you provide.


For email/online sessions, payment can be made via draft, online payment or *email money transfer. Payment must be received prior to the session or at the start of your session.


*Email money transfers can be made using radiantjourney2010@yahoo.ca

Marni Banks - Phone: +1 778-791-0672 - Email: radiantjourney2010@yahoo.ca