Tarot FAQ

How are readings done?

The intuitive reader will use a deck of cards, regular playing cards or a deck of Tarot cards. The reader picks up the energy from their client and from the energy left in the cards after they were shuffled and from the images on the cards. Each reader has his or her own unique way of reading, some feel things, some see, some hear, some smell, some experience all of these while doing a reading; this is how the reader interprets the energy and the messages to pass along to his or her client.


What happens if the Death card comes up?

The Death card very rarely means an actual death, in my experience, it has typically meant the end of a relationship or a life cycle; you have to have an end to one thing before you can move onto another. This could also mean that you are experiencing challenges in your life and it’s a message to acknowledge them to help you move through them or to move on from them.


What do you see/feel/hear during a reading?

You, as the person being read, may not feel anything during the reading; however, you could experience things like tingles or the hairs rising on the back of your neck or you could experience a rush of emotions. It all depends on the reader, the cards, and the person being read.


Can anyone touch the tarot cards?

It will depend on the reader. Some readers are adamant that no one but them touch their cards, while other readers, such as myself, allow their clients to touch their cards as much as they want. In my experience, allowing a client to touch the cards has never been an issue; it’s only enhanced the reading. I believe it allows me to better connect with my client. Once the reading is done, it’s important that the cards be cleared or cleansed so that there is no residual energy left over from one reading, so it won’t be carried over into another reading.


Can I buy my own deck?

Again, this depends on who you ask, some readers say you should never buy your own deck, that they should be gifted to you by another reader. Other readers say it doesn’t matter if you buy them yourself or not. I have bought all of my own decks and have never had an issue connecting with them on my own or during a reading. My own personal belief is that if you buy your own deck, you can connect with them because your energy and the energy from the cards will connect and you have the choice on which deck you want; you may resonate more with a Wiccan deck or a Dragon deck than with a Fairy deck. If you get a deck from another reader, they should be cleansed and the cords cut to allow you to connect fully to the cards.


If you have any other questions, please let me know!

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