Reiki Shares & Practitioner Evenings


General Reiki Shares

If you’re curious about Reiki, new to Reiki or a seasoned Practitioner (of any level or style), a Reiki Share is for you. A Share is a great way to connect to other individuals who love Reiki or are curious about Reiki.


We start the Reiki Share by doing a guide meditation and Reiju (empowerment) and then divide into smaller groups of 3-5 (depending on the number of people attending) and we give Reiki to each other. One person lays on the Reiki table while the others give Reiki. Each person on the table receives 20 minutes of hands-on Reiki; however, as Reiki is Energy and it flows around us, we all benefit and receive about 2 hours of Reiki healing by the end of the evening.


Dates & Times To Be Determined – please stay tuned