Animal Reiki Sessions - UNDER CONSTRUCTION


In Person Animal Reiki Sessions

45-60 minute session - $50 CAD

This session includes 10-15 minutes of consultation regarding your pet’s issue(s) and 30 to 45 minutes of Reiki; the length of the session will depend on your pet and their receptiveness to treatment.


The treatment is done in the comfort of your home and you are encouraged to sit on the appointment with your pet as this will help your pet feel calm and relaxed. The treatment will benefit you as well as any other animals or people in your home as the Energy will go anywhere it is needed and accepted.


Distance Animal Reiki Sessions

45-60 minute session - $70 CAD

This session includes a 10-15 minute consultation via phone, email, skype or google chat, 45 minutes of Reiki and a Chakra Balancing.


Upon booking the session, you will receive an email with the consent form, treatment will begin upon receipt of the consent form and receipt/confirmation of payment; payment can be made via email money transfer using


As we will not be in the same physical location, I will use a surrogate (a stuffy) and/or a picture of your pet to connect with your pet and provide treatment; if you choose, we can remain on our skype of google chat while the session is taking place, if not, you will receive a call or email after the session to advise of any issues that came up during the treatment and to suggest further treatment(s) to assist your pet going forward.

Marni Banks - Phone: +1 778-791-0672 - Email: