Here is my long long overdue book review of “The Gospel According to LOST”, by Chris Seay.  I have seen similar books before that compare POP culture topics to the gospel, but this would be the first time I have ever read through one.

This was a very quick and easy read. It only took me a few sittings to get through the book.  I am a big fan of the show, and the show of course has been a major hit both in viewing ratings and online forums and blogs discussing every aspect of the show.  What does this mean, what does that mean…fans scour the Internet looking for insight into the show.

The book is breaks down into chapters based on each character.  I thought that was interesting, and would be good when speaking with people that would be fans of the show to capture their attention and relate gospel topics into something they know.  It might get them talking more or be more receptive.

I would recommend people to read the book as it would get them thinking how they also could take POP culture topics and explore faith more deeply with them.  This book takes something that most fans of the show would be open to further discussion anyway as that is what fans of the show do.  It would help in building community with fans of the show.