Here is another Thomas Nelson Blogger Book Review

Finished this book about a month ago.  Here is the review of the second book by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. To start I never read the first book, so jumping into the second one had me thinking I may not be able to follow some of it. 

Even though I didn’t read the first one, as I started with the chapters, the authors were able to include enough info to help me follow along. It is a really easy and quick read. The book is a result of the success of the first one, and includes details of what has been the outcome since that book was written.

This book has enough challenges in it, that I found myself underlining and make notes in the margin to use as quotes when teaching and speaking.  Throughout the book I found myself thinking, very strong point of view and it we could only apply that to our lives, what a difference it would make.

Here is a sample quote,

If all the Christians – I mean all of ‘em – got outta the pews on Sundays and into the streets, we’d shut the city down.

We’d shut down hunger

We’d shut down loneliness

We’d shut down the notion that there is any such of a thing as a person that don’t deserve a kind word and a second chance. (Pg 56)

I would recommend this book…it will not take long to get through, but you will make many mental notes as you make your way through the pages.